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The Importance Of Engineering Machinery Post Market
- Oct 20, 2010 -

In the season of new machine sales, the effective of post market don’t appear sufficient. But when the sale market of new machine access in the period of low ebb, the post market will have a good effect to promote sales to manufacturer whether direct sale form or distribution sale form. 

The importance of engineering machinery post market.jpg

This appear sufficient on the Atlas Copco, Sandvik and Yuntian company. These enterprises business include abrasive pieces, accessories,product support and so on. These business bring sales by half. To the Caterpillar biggest globe distributor- Finning International, the post market business of the second hand equipment, leasing business and product support occupy 2/3 sales in 2015. So to speak, this center of business distributor is not only new chance, but only service in the huge scale.


Whether transnational manufacturer or mainland manufacturer, intensify accessories, product support and construction solution become the key word in business in 2016. To the globe engineering machinery manufacturer, the form of using service to drive sale will come to a conclusion. The new profit model of post market will open which grasp the huge chance of market by cloud computing and  telecommunication information control system in manufacturer, distributor and supplier.